World Cup 2018: ‘Russia Stadiums Place But the match was very different in Lyari.

I usually do not see football more But every four years later, my passion for the football World Cup is on the rising. Perhaps one reason is that the way fans of football are united to see their favorite games, This is probably in another game.

Perhaps some people take this madness from football to think of patriotism But near me, this game is more than generation, color, caste, and religion.

For example, if a person is Arab-based French nationality But its native country is Algeria
And they have access to the World Cup, So maybe that person will find the flag of Algeria instead of France on the famous Roadside Shores of Paris.

In the context of the last month, I went to Russia to see the football World Cup It was not so that Pakistan could not stop me from supporting any other country in my country’s World Cup.

And personally, it was very easy for me to decide which country I support. Because I have always been a fan of Latin music and culture And since 2002 a Latin American team won the World Cup So my sympathies were with the continent countries.

After participating in the World Cup matches, when I returned to Pakistan, my friend Khulha, looking at my football hobby, asked me if I would like to see in Lyari area of Karachi, I would be pleased.

Lyari is the oldest area in Karachi and its reputation is usually due to criminal elements and gang wars in this area, but during the World Cup, there is a decrease in crime ratio and it is’ Karachi’s most It is remembered as ‘mini brazil’ instead of a dangerous area.



When we arrived there, our guide from Lyari And the filmmaker Ahsan Shah took us to the famous Mombasa Street’, which is attributed to the grandparents of a resident of Amjad Miami. Who migrated from Mombasa in Kenya, the country of East Africa, moved to Karachi.

Mombasa is one of the few famous places in Lyari to see the World Cup. Place in that street Flags of different countries was made on the walls And the score of the match was written. But, among all these flags, Pakistan’s green sprinkle was significantly flowing.

Seeing this, I realized that there was something similar to Russia And fans from around the world, Whose team was not even part of the World Cup But where did they go with their country’s flags. But the country’s flag was most popular there, it was Brazil and second
Argentina’s traditional rival flag of Argentina.

Little Interview


I asked the people why Brazil is so popular there So I was told that ‘they are like us in shape’. Because I had seen the competition at the Stadium in Costa Rica in Brazil in Russia, I just decided that I would be looking forward to seeing Brazil’s next match.

After the Candle Street Ahsan took us to the famous Maidan Bagh village of Lyari Where two local teams were engaged in playing football matches. I noted that apart from me and my friend, no one in this stuffed field And the woman was not present.

There was also no tissue in the field But despite this, players of both teams were competing with so much passion Just like they are not in the field of Lyari Rather, they are playing matches in Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium.

But an astonishing point was that as much as Jonathan was in the vicinity of the world to see the World Cup matches in Lyari, Contrary to that, I did not see this filled field. Most of the spectacular silence was watching the match by sitting quietly And there was no band left and noise. Maybe they were thinking about the Brazilian match instead of two local teams?

Everywhere Football


On Monday, along with my friend, I went back to the Baghdadi area of Lyari So that Brazil could see the match against Mexico And on that day there was something else in the atmosphere. People around the screen were screening for matches, Whether it’s a General shop or a shop for tea.

During the World Cup in Russia, I had seen that there is officially arranged on a fixed location from FIFA. And it is called ‘Fan Fest’. At that point, those fans can see the match Those who do not have a stadium ticket.

Lyari was also screened in more than one place Such as candles street, Ali Mohammad Mohalla etc. But unlike Russia, this arranged FIFA Or a government body or a private institution did not invite residents of this area And what was your help for you to love Brazil?

Some people called us on the roof of their homes So that we can see how many people are gathered there to see matches there.

drum And fireworks

Fifa worldcup

After the match began at seven o’clock in the evening, a large number of people were gathered to see the match on the screen and were watching Brazil wearing a jersey. There were Brazil’s most important players at the end of the seminar And at any of his ‘Pass’ slogans, Neymar slogan was loud in the Balochi language.

When Neymar scored the score against Brazil for Brazil So there was a storm like that. Youths slogans loudly, Instead of a drum And fireworks And it seemed like they were sitting in the stadium and watching the match.

Small Girls

Gilrs Celebrate

One thing in Lyari experience of match-watching, which was so impressed by me was to be interested in watching young girls of football there. Many of them wore a shirt named Neymar.

When I asked him about Brazil’s leading player Marcelo, a 10-year-old girl told me she was not playing a match due to injury. It showed me how much these babies really are interested in football.


Won celebrations

After the victory of Brazil, Ali-Muhammad Muhala was celebrated with a loud voice and one thing that I saw there was a flame of Brazil on a mosque in the Zakaria community. By looking at this I thought that anyone who had said that football is a religion, he did not say wrong.

There is no doubt that there is nothing wrong with the experience of watching in the stadium and I’m very happy that I could see the World Cup competition in Russia, but it’s a fact that the fun that I came to see That feeling is unbelievable.

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