How to do this Will the World Cup be prepared?

In January 2018 Pakistan A series of five-one world Cup matches played from New Zealand. In this series. Sarfraz Ahmed came to the field with full strength But Pakistan lost the series five times zero. After that, Pakistan did not play any one-day series by July 2018. This is a PSL. West Indies played an Emergency T-Tutorial series. England beat two Test matches from England. T-ticket series from Scotland and then last week’s co-operative T-Twenty20 tournament.

When the team announced for the tour of New Zealand, Team Management said that squad created by keeping the World Cup preparations in mind. Strangely, in five matches, it became clear that how strong the World Cup preparations are.

When the squad announced for a visit to the UK, once again the mascara heard the World Cup preparations. And the team created to make the boys experience English conditions.

It was true to the extent of the experience. But it can be a grandfather, how can a World Cup prepare by playing three Tests and two T-Ties?

Last week, Pakistan won the quarterly T-Twenty20 tournament and became the owner of the record. Sarfraz became the first captain to win the ninth nine series. The number of T-Twenty-two rankings was more stable. Brilliant, but where will all this work in preparing next year’s World Cup?

After January, now in July, God came to Pakistan by a one-day series of God’s doing, but what to do with great fate. Pakistan stands against the team to prepare for the World Cup which could not qualify for the World Cup due to its pace standards.

It was not too bad, but Zimbabwe’s cricket was also coming to the nerves that five-star piers were not available. And only to save domesticity, 11 runs were completed by demanding from U-19 and Pakistan’s golden opportunity for the World Cup preparation was reached.

The Pakistanis are expecting the team against the team also got the full power to deal with it. And as soon as possible, in the match, the ring defeated by Badhan Badan Marjan. Coach tells the same that the remaining four games will win from the same game.

The only question is that if the series of series of ODIs of the year is just two, Pakistan has become white in one, in the second, Pakistan has made whitewash. One in the World Cup One Day team, In the second. If the competition is a world-deprived team, then what will be the latest status of the World Cup preparation under mathematical formulas?

Pakistan’s squad consists of World Class Pairs. Her most important thing is a young boy, and his fitting supervises that surprises all over the world by taking the Champions trophy. Fixed only what to feed against the team?

Does he have to play against such opposition that makes a game by blowing stereotypes or to turn aside the pioneer Pauline in the 35 overs of such hostility?

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