What to do if there were insects in the bathroom?

Settled in the toilet, insects become for the inhabitants of the house (apartment) an unpleasant find, which you want to get rid of quickly. How this can be done effectively, and what exactly will help to drive the insect forever in the bathroom, we will discuss this article.

What insects can be found

Unexpected visitors in the form of insects prefer to settle in poorly stitched seams between tiles, in sewers and ceiling boxes, in a laundry basket, behind a bathroom, in connecting joints of sanitary ware, behind washing machines, in corners. For their distribution, it will be sufficient only to create optimal conditions. Only two individuals can produce a whole colony of insects.

If you notice that insects have appeared in the apartment, they should be destroyed immediately, to prevent the multiplication and appearance of entire colonies of unwanted guests.

Limited space and constant humidity always attract insects of all kinds in the bathroom. Among them there are flies, and spiders, and ants, and mocrica, and small gnats and many other species of unwanted inhabitants.

To frequent visitors to the bathroom and the combined bathroom are:

  1. Spiders. They can crawl into the bathroom only if they live in your home at all. The reason for their appearance is not just the unique atmosphere of the room, but also the proximity of the dwelling of these insects. Spiders prefer to live in wet places or the middle of the dry grass and a lot of small twigs.
  2. Flies. Along with the spiders often penetrate into the bathroom. Their destruction should be given particular attention because they leave ugly marks on the walls and are carriers of infectious diseases.
  3. Scales. It is a small insect with an elongated calf, light grey. At the end of their body are three long hair.
  4. Mosquito. The insect loves to dwell in a damp room. Penetrate inside the apartment is not difficult for him, mainly if a mosquito net does not protect the windows. And it’s even easier to find a bathroom for mosquitoes. Moreover, they love the wet environment and the twilight (or total darkness). In such places, they quickly hide from the outside views of the owners of the dwelling. When the light is switched on, the mosquito is frightened and hides under the bathroom, where it continually inhabits, flying only at night, to fishing.
  5. Butterflies. Small insects, reminiscent of flies, with wings about 2 mm long and black body shade.
  6. Ants. This kind of insect is by nature very gluttonous, and therefore from the bath ants will stretch everything that seems to them a delicacy. The presence of midges, left after washing fruit, poorly sealed cracks from the side of the street – all this will contribute to the penetration of ants into your dwelling.
  7. Moss. Inhabitants of the bathroom, characterized by the small size of the calf and its annoyance. These insects arise from where it is not known and how they disappear without a trace. Most often they settle in the bathroom if the owners do not follow the rules of hygiene. Appear usually in the summer, with the onset of the season of fresh vegetables, berries and fruits. Many will be surprised that we are talking about products in the bathroom, which is not for them. In fact, most of the inhabitants of apartments in the toilet wash vegetables, fruits, and berries for conservation for the winter.
  8. Lycra. Their appearance often causes a person to disgust. The woodlice in the house belong to the category of unpleasant neighbours, one kind of which is repugnant to man. These insects prefer to settle in a moist environment, located inseams, corners, joints of the bathroom and under various household objects. The size of their body is medium, and the body colour is grey. A small insect with a convex shape is most challenging to remove from the bathroom. But there is nothing impossible, and with individual efforts, the woodworm can be quickly dispelled.
  9. Centipede. Constant inhabitants of humid environments, among which belong the bathrooms in the apartments. They are incredibly nasty creatures of red colour with a lot of paws. In addition to the disgusting appearance of this insect, there is another negative quality – the centipede fly tail very painfully bites. Centipedes visit the bath if the optimal microclimate is not observed and the owners of hygiene requirements are neglected. There are several varieties of them. Some centipedes cause only unpleasant impressions, while others cause redness and allergic reactions to the skin.

Causes of appearance

If there are insects in the toilet or bathroom, there may be many reasons for this. Let us dwell on the most important of them so that our readers understand why insects enter the bathroom and settle there.

These are the reasons:

  • Changing the conditions of the microclimate in the room. Excessive humidity or excessively dry air, stagnant air or heated airspace continuously becomes the primary determining factors for the appearance of unwanted insects in the bathroom.
  • Proximity to the habitats of insects. Especially often they settle in apartments located on the first floor. The vicinity of parks, squares, ponds, cellars also causes the penetration of undesirable insects into the dwelling.
  • Neglect of hygiene requirements and rules. Bathroom for all times belonged to the premises, which are perfectly clean. If the owners do not support this cleanliness, then not only mould and fungus will appear in the room, but also guests in the form of various insects.
  • Spying insects in neighbouring apartments are also the reason for the appearance in your home of cockroaches and other unwanted guests. Surviving after the poison, insects creep into cracks on walls, ventilation ducts, and vents, and a little later they migrate to where they are most comfortable to live.

How to get rid

If there are white insects, cockroaches and other unwanted guests in the bathroom, do not despair and think that you will never be able to get rid of them. In fact, adhering to a specific algorithm, you can easily. Also, the correct approach to solving the problem will eliminate the problem of mould and fungus on the walls of the bathroom. Here are the recommendations that will help drive the insects out of the shower:

  • Keep in the hygiene room cleanliness, disinfect all joints and surfaces with special preparations (for example, Domestos).
  • Try to normalize the microclimate in the bathroom, organize regular airing and carefully dry the room after each wash. If possible, it is desirable to install an electric towel dryer and a forced ventilation system in the bathroom.
  • Seal hermetic passages, through which insects from neighbouring apartments can get to you. They are located under grilles and ventilation grids. If there are holes in the plugs, then it is also better to change them.
  • If, after the above manipulations, insects in your bathroom are still left, you can destroy them with insecticide preparations with a powerful chemical composition. Now, industrial manufacturers offer a large number of means against settlers in the bathroom. Among them, the most famous are Tarax, Reid, Combat.
  • You can get rid of scales in the bathroom, using chlorine in solution or any other means, which contains chlorine. Copper vitriol and insecticidal aerosols help in the fight against this insect.
  • Preventing the appearance

Undoubtedly, timely prevention will be the most effective means against the presence of insects in the bathroom.

The primary preventive measures in this direction are:

Regular airing and periodic cooling of the apartment. For example, scales cannot withstand air temperatures below +21 … +27ยบC. Short-term cooling of the studio will help them clean. In winter it will be enough to keep the balcony door open for two hours to destroy the scales. This will help to overcome not only adult individuals but also their laying.

Cleaning the room from dust and possibly mould, using disinfectants and chlorine-containing substances, will help cope with annoying insects. Disinfectors should handle the corners of the bathroom and other hard-to-reach places in this room. After this treatment, the surface of the walls and skirting boards should be washed with a solution of copper sulfate, and then – dried by a heat fan. It is also good to carry out a wet cleaning of the apartment with water with the addition of vinegar.

If the house has a library, you need to make sure that the books in it are all dry. For this purpose, ventilation and drying of the fan heater are periodically carried out in the bookstore.

The use of insecticidal aerosols will help to quickly get rid of bugs and other unpleasant insects in the bathroom. They should treat surfaces exposed to dampness, and a couple of hours after treatment, the room is ventilated by a through-flow of air.

Good recommendations received and one of the folk remedies, prepared from boric acid, mixed with crushed chalk in proportions of 1: 4. Such a mixture sprinkles places where the probability of occurrence of undesirable insects is highest.

Observing the above rules, you can not only get rid of insects in the bathroom but also prevent their appearance in the future.

What insects can start in the bathroom?

There are not many species. This is explained by the fact that there is high humidity in the room. And not all representatives of insects like such conditions. So, in the bathroom there are:

  • scales having an elongated corpuscle of light grey colour, at the end three hairs are located;
  • Butterfly – small black midges with wings 2-3 mm in length;
  • mosquitos – all known bloodsucking insects;
  • cockroaches.

Mosquitoes like a humid atmosphere, so they fly so often to the bathroom. Cockroaches crawl into the room through ventilation.

In the bathroom can appear and representatives such as lice, centipedes, flycatchers. All of them are not related to insects, although few people know about it. Nevertheless, it is also necessary to combat them.

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