US President nominated Brett Kavanaugh as Justice of Supreme Court

Washington: US President Donald Trump named Brett Kavanaugh to be the Supreme Court judge.

American President Donald Trump named Bret Michael Kauov as the Supreme Court by nominating the Supreme Court judge. In his tweet on the social networking website, the US President announced his nomination for the name of Brett Kavanaugh, saying that he was the best candidate for the Supreme Court.


Bret Michael Kauov, currently working in the Columbia district court, has been working as judges of former President George W. Bush. Kazanov nomination will have a far-reaching effect in the United States and see what can be done in the difficulty of home trumpets due to the restrictions on Brett Kavanaugh weapons and shelter laws.


It is clear that Justice Anthony Kennedy announced the retirement this year, after which the US president nominated 53-year-old Brett Kavanaugh. Experts are calling for anonymity to avoid criticism on the strict rules of asylum.

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