US President Donald Trump stuck on Russian intervention in the election.

Washington: President Donald Trump on Russian intervention in the US election.

According to foreign media, Donald Trump said that Russia had interrupted in the US Presidential election in 2016 and this regard. I acknowledge the report of US secret agencies.

On Monday, Donald Trump met his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin at Finland’s capital Helsinki. In this meeting, Putin said that Russia did not intervene in American elections and Donald Trump supported Putin’s stand. On supporting Russia, the American members of the Congress criticised the trumpet, slamming their stand as an embarrassment. US senators alleged that President Barack Obama failed to present a position in meeting with Putin.

During his conversation with the media at the White House today, Donald Trump said. “I acknowledge the investigation report of my secret agencies that Russia had intervened in our elections in 2016.”. Trump said that he was trying to say that ‘Russia has interrupted’, but by mistake. It came out that Russia did not intervene. The language changed meaningfully due to this lethargy.

The US President further added that the election results of Russia’s intervention in the election did not have any effect and they were elected as President of the public. Meanwhile, Trump tweeted that meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin has been much better than the NATO meeting, But the media has misunderstood this meeting; the fake media is reporting the crazy-based news.

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