Today’s Decision Of the Political Career of Many Artists.

Karachi: Election 2018 is a very important election in Pakistani politics

Artists are also very excited with this public Increasingly and participating in the election campaign. People belonging to the Shobooz industry remain away from political and political activities, However, during Pakistan’s election in 2018, political consciousness has grown more than the past. This time apart from politicians, actors are also in the field of election.


The political parties of Pakistan’s famous singer Abrarul Haq Imran Khan are Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s supporters. And have long been associated with the PTI. Abrarul Haq is the candidate from the Narwhal constituency NA 78. Pakistan Muslim League (N) leader and senior interior minister Ahsan Iqbal is standing in front of Abrar-ul-Haq. The competition between the two is expected to be expected. Now it is to see which of the two candidates take.

Jawad Ahmad

Jawad Ahmad also has a good singer as a public singer. However, he preferred to make his party rather than joining any other political party to get into the political arena. And the foundation of its political party in the name of “Bureau Party.” Jawad Ahmed is not in any constituency but also in three voters. Apart from this, Jawad is not in front of the general candidate. Instead, elections will hold in front of the big names of politics.

Jawad Ahmad will compete with PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari in Karachi Rule NA 246. It will hold in the Lahore Ninth constituency NA-131 with Jawad Ahmad against PML-N Saad Rafique and Chairman PTI Imran Khan. When the Lahore 10 constituency A 132 will take place with Jawad Ahmed Pakistan Muslim League (N) President Mian Shahbaz Sharif.

Sajjad Hassan

sajjad hassan

Actor Sajjad Hassan is also interested in politics besides Shobiz. Sajid Hassan is the candidate of Pakistan People’s Party from NA-256 constituency of Karachi.

Ayub Khosa

Ayub Khosa

Actor Ayub Khosa is also participating in the elections from Karachi’s constituencies PS 101 as the candidate of Pakistan People’s Party.

Gul e rana


Former actress Gul e rana is standing in the elections from PS-94 in the Karachi area of Karachi, on PPP’s ticket.




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