Sexually Sensitive Part Of The Women.

By the way, the entire body of a woman and a man is Sexually Sensitive Part Of The Women, but some places are relatively sensitive to others, it is imperative for sexually enjoying sexually sensitive parts.

★ A sexually active woman’s part


According to experts, the most crucial part of the woman is its viewpoint. We have some women’s refrigerator more sensitive. Seeing the organs of the woman are found in the upper part of the specialty, where vitamin lip is available. It is like clay or a peanut tree. Its size is usually ” It is 1.5 to 1.4 inches, but it can be smaller in size. The legend of the woman’s view can be seen by opening it. Seeing her hood aside one side, the woman attains sexually exhausted sexual sex Spraying is turned on; but shrinks after sexual abuse and sarcasm.

It is not a purpose since it is approximately a half-inch distance from the refrigerator, because it does not touch it during the time of intention, and it is usually touching and firing with fingers. Touching the viewer refrigerator It is funny that it becomes very sensitive after the rise of sexual activity. If the woman likes to feel it, it hurts her face, but her sensitivity changes. Her most sensitive part is a part of it, though its aspects ( Slides) are also very sensitive.

G Spot

The second part of the viewer is called a first part G Spot, discovered by a German doctor Ernst Grafenberg in 1950 and now it is his name, if the woman lies in front of the sky bed, this place is within a two inch of its refrigerator. The high wall is on the wall. By doing this, the woman receives excellent Erasmus, but this diarrhea is different from the absorption and arthritis and intimate organisms, but it is usually very fond of the appearance of small robbers. It happens in the size and place of every woman’s g spot and position.

By engaging with her, the woman feels shocking asleep. Goes and the woman feel the desire for urine, so she should urine the woman before it exposes. If you continue to continue, then after 2 minutes to 20 minutes, the woman seems to feel sexual pleasure. 54 percent of women from the SG Spot organism Water removes, and 14 percent of them always emit, the emission is uncomfortable, but there is a slight difference in the taste of emission or without exaggeration.

Why are changing methods of changing?

In one end, 80 percent of women said that they are a very sensitive part of a survey, 66% of women surveyed in their survey said that they have the knowledge of this place and 99.9 people are not aware of our spots. Dr. Davidson and his colleagues think that every The woman is a sponge and is eligible for extravagance, and the exposure is usually obtained in the second or third orgasm. The woman can get multiple orgasms at a time. To reach the g spot in your mind, the doggy Style is more appropriate than that. Some women can rub on their own, own spots.

To find your g spot, imagine the clock in your refrigerator, imagine it at 12 pm, and G Spot is between 11 o’clock and 1 pm. To search for it, enter your fingers into the fridge and place this place to the fingers. Friction right to the right, rub the area that will swing. You will be urine, but you do rub because you will get arithmetic if you continue rubbing, then you can get more orgasm and emissions.


The third sensitive part of the woman is its refrigerator. The refrigerator is not sensitive, but its outer concentration is only one and a half inches sensitive, instead of the entrance of some women, it is more sensitive to the right and left sides.


The first vaginal lip is also very sensitive, the outer lime is less, and the internal red lips are more sensitive. Sometimes the woman gets an orgasm from the use of inner lips.


Women’s feet are also sexually sensitive, i.e., females can only get an orgasm from their inflammation. Patients can be small, but the size of the breast size does not belong to the sexual sensitivity. Sensitive can be sensitive to sexually attractive, and their most sensitive parts are their people. Many women are indirectly related to the people and the vagina. Therefore it is to be used to engage the people in fact Vulva. People go to the head, but breastfeeding women do not exist in an exciting thing.


After a walk, the head of the woman is very sensitive, and it is beautiful for women to tease and engage them. It looks lovely to see that many people are sexually obsessed with them.

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