A new blood test for skin cancer

Sydney: The disease of the conventional cancer of the world (Melanoma) is rapidly spreading. In this case, Australian experts have developed a simple blood test that encroaches skin Cancer at the earliest stage. In this way, the patient is suffering from a painful biopsy repeatedly.

Experts identify it by looking at the dark or brown spots on the skin. And biopsy does the final confirmation of early cancer. However, now Edwin Covan University. Australia specialists have made a blood test that can identify the third most common cancer in Australia, called melanoma or skin cancer.

Timely diagnosis increases the risk of living in this disease, but many doctors have to face skin or smell before it. And a piece of spots and biopsy takes many steps. But many times biopsy does not get the correct result and the disease increases. In this case, cancer detection can be beneficial in the early stage.
Early cancer in Australia is, and now experts have made a blood test after hard work and research, which has been evaluated by 1,627 anti-beds in blood. Finally, ten of these antibodies or their combinations attributed to cancer. Then, a blood test of these anti-body identities identified which can lead to early diagnosis of early cancer.

Although its accuracy is 79% -in 100 patients, it addresses cancer in 79 patients while 21% cannot identify. Although it is an outstanding success, experts have said that instead of solving it entirely on this blood test. They will also have to use other traditional diagnostic methods.

However, the foremost scientists working on this test, Dr. Milan Zaman said that he would try this test on several thousand patients so that his accuracy will come. During this time there will be changes in blood tests.

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