Mother Shot Her Son When He Sends her Old House

The most indigent mother in the US shot her son to avoid going to Old Home. According to the International News Agency Angry to send home to the American state Arizona, The 92-year-old mother shot her son. The 72-year-old son broke the breath at the spot. The old mother wanted to suicide by shooting themselves. However, son’s friend fails to attempt suicide by stealing the Revolver And call the police.

A 57-year-old friend of the deceased told the police that I was with his friend, with 92-year-old sick mother, Mrs. Blingingz. We are the mood of Mrs. Blingingz And because of anger they wanted to send her old home So that their better care And can be treated. However, he strictly denied And one day, she has killed her son out of self-control.

Police officials say The 72-year-old son’s body has been recovered from Bedroom From where legal documents have been received from the police to sending the Old home to Care Home. The woman used a Revolver bought in 1970 to assassinate her son Who owned his husband. On his own, the pious mother requested the death sentence from the police.

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