How To Make Excuses To Avoid Sex.

This story contains information for adults, but the person who describes his story has decided not to reveal his identity.  I had to make excuses to avoid sex.

I spent many nights crying. My problem was increased after meeting various doctors. Every moment my frustration and my question was growing.

To solve my problem, I had invented a £ 100 pneumonia. One pack came 20 tablets, and a tablet cost was 150 rupees. Going to the bathroom, I shot and tried to feel that now everything is fine.

The effect of tablets

I am 25 years old. I did not understand why I had to face all this at this age. When my shots were over, I would have been trapped because I would have to make fun of the sexuality. These tablets showed their effect, but I could not enjoy the sex. All the time fear was on the mind.  When I was 16 years old, I was feeling lazy while masturbating. Earlier the appointment was closed, and it was the first sign. The situation worsened in the next 12 months, and masturbation and sex became difficult for me. I realized that my girlfriend was also aware of my weakness and it was excruciating for me.

Everyone used to celebrate

I was not the one I could tell my words. The school friends got rid of me, unable to talk to my father because of shame in the house. Instead, he used to hit with friends about his sex life as he did all. I thought sexual weaknesses are only in older people. But even with the youth, this problem is significant. In a recent study, it is found that one of the four people under 40 years of age is inferiority.

My doctor has told me that in one of ten men it can be at any time in life. Still, it is a matter of which you get fewer people to talk about sex or personal experience. People who can hear the problem seriously. I thought Pranen films got some help, but there was nothing like this in real life. Once my girlfriend saw Viagra’s tablets and asked me what is this? My forehead was swept away in ignoring her. 

Today I feel that I should have talked to her but could not do this because of shame.

‘I wanted to die.’

A few years ago I started to feel that I should commit suicide. It was difficult for me to love and relationship. I thought my children would never be and due to my weaknesses, this relationship would also be broken. I can not count on how many nights I have stopped. Every time I used to think about it.

I started taking drugs to get rid of mental stress. But then it came to mind that it is not right to harm your body for sexual weakness. One day I decided to talk to my mother about all my problems. I told him I’m dying. This weakness is taking my life.

She kept listening to me. But they helped me. Mother said that I should meet a new doctor. The new doctor gave me various types of tablets, gel, and injection. I was treating them with full confidence. The doctor said that all these things help Parnan Star during sex. This treatment was harrowing. In six weeks, I left them.

Problem solved

A psychologist said that all these things are mental. After listening to him, I did not meet him again because only I knew what I was suffering from diseases. My test continues A test shows that blood flow around my penis is not on average. It is called vanes leak.

However, many experts say this problem is not just because of this. Finally, a doctor said that you should apply penis implants. Thus this weakness can be removed differently. I asked her doctor and made a big operation, and today I can control my penis.

People advice

My new girlfriend knows this. I just told him this thing. He understood me. I believe that if I had met before I would have been very easy. Now my friends know about it too. They joke me up by telling me robots. They want to know more about it. I suggest that people with such a problem as soon as possible find someone who can talk about your question.

Talking is tired. Try it to be cured. And if possible, find a partner who can understand your quality. I suggest you before the time you should discuss with your elder and save your time and money both other medicines such as Viagra because they have difficulty with the problem.

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