Little Robots who help in accidents and offences

Washington: From a few millennium little robots can support a large number of humans. They can pass through streams and holes after accidents and disasters, and help them save lives by informing the living humans.

In this way, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (Darpa) in America has launched a plan to build a robot on a centimeter scale. These robots may be the central help of human beings in natural disasters.

Although big robots have brought revolution to wars from the time, their role in nature and human traits is still not equal. That is why working on small robots now.

Such a lot of actions can be done by the army of many small robots of insects. Such robots will be very simple and less expensive, and thorough preparation through third-dimensional printing, they can now be very easy.

However, the supply of electricity to microrobot (microbots) is a significant challenge. That is why Darpa has announced making multi-dimensional micro and mixed robots called “Short Range Individual Pendant Micro Robotic Platforms”. It is working fast, and energy and other problems will solved.

Improving accidents in new robots will adjust the weight and strengthening of standards. In this way, small robots will be able to work more independently. All robots will test in the United States National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) robot testing center. In this way, it will test for the energy, movement, comfort, weight loss, speed and high-speed capacity.

These robots will also be able to do research in a dangerous environment and to identify risk.

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