Large intestine cancer and its prevention

Large intestine Cancer maybe started any part of the body and spread rapidly in the body. Therefore, it is necessary for the treatment of cancer that, it should be diagnosed with the initial phase otherwise it can take a person to a deadly disease. Initially, cancer occurs due to abnormal cells. The human body is associated with the cells that correspond to the predetermined genes of a human body.

However, the old cells end up after completing their physical age and replace the new healthy cells. This system keeps growing throughout the life, due to anxiety, the body starts making extraordinary cells that cause cancer. These cells overgrow, and if the patient is not treated in its initial stage then they spread throughout the body.


Cholesteric cancer is commonly found in individuals over 50 years. However, it can be in any part of the age, especially if there is a polyp in the family. This disease in Pakistan has been prevalent in those people who have an old fever of 100 or the fiery ulcer.


Often cases have been observed that cancer starts in the anal rectum. While the part of the massive pipe, which comes down from the liver, does not look much dynamic in the beginning. It starts with cancer as a type of cancerous cell called cells or juice. If the infected areas are not treated for ten to fifteen years, then they cause cancer. There are two broad types of cancerous germs.

  1. Adenomatous Polyps (this can take the shape of disease)
  2. Cells hyperplastic polyps (they do not accept cancer form)

The cancer rate in large intestines is below.

  1. Anal rectum 38 percent
  2. sigmoid colon 21 percent
  3. caecum 12 percent
  4. The intersection of the organ which is from the right side to the left transverse colon 5.5%
  5. Upcoming colon 5% above the top part of the pipe
  6. The lower/bottom side part of the atom’s left descending colon 4%

Signs and Symptoms

  1. Person bleeds whenever he/she goes to the toilet to get fresh. The blood comes with shit, and the plasma also discharges after the Shit
  2. The shit is repeated, and usually, shit is soft,  and in the morning the bloodshed of the bowls occur
  3. After eating stomach ache and stomach wrench. It reduces food.
  4. Weight loss due to bleeding.
  5. Blood loss (due to bleeding), weakness and fatigue
  6. The lower part of the stomach feels pain, which has drained emission in the waste
  7. After getting done the person does not feel satisfied. This is an essential sign of cancer.

Reasons and risk

  1. The obesity of non-cancerous polyps in the large intestine is called the most significant cause of colorectal cancer.
  2. The obligation of polyps and cholesteric cancer in the family increases the risk of this type of cancer.
  3. It is usually in people over 50 years of disease.
  4. Occasionally, youngers involve in polyps erosion has come in consultation, although they do not contain cancer symptoms.
  5. Weight loss, excessive usage of alcohol and cigarette can cause this cancer.
  6. For long periods of intestinal burning and inflammation, which is known as inflammatory flu disease, is included in the causes of cholesteric cancer.
  7. A diet that can reduce fiber and more use of cloned meat in big meat and tubes can cause cholesteric cancer.
  8. High-temperature beef (fire extensively (Bar-B-Q), and frying) also increase the chemicals in the food and can be a cancer risk.
  9. Diabetes and cholesterol diseases can also increase the risk of cancer.

Diagnose and testing

  1. The doctor examines the digital rectal on the patient. It is seen in a sizeable internal patient with a finger that there is no Buckle in it. After the withdrawal of thumb, the blocking of blood in the intestine is also known.
  2. Colonoscopy and biopsy are other important tests that indicate symptoms. It has a small part of the large intestine affected area and is examined under its microscope to reflect the shape and size of cells.
  3. Symptoms of sigmoidoscopy can help measure unusual changes within the sigmoid tube.
  4. Byram tube is full by colorful liquid and enter in the body of a patient and take a picture of the patient. It can also be diagnosed with cancer.
  5. CT scan is used to see the spread of cancer in the body of cancer.
  6. MRI helps to diagnose the spread of cancer at a place of cancer.

Steps of stages

There is no stage before starting the treatment of staging cancer. It is diagnosed with cancer attacks, spreading and deepening. Cholesteric cancer may be a reason for other parts of body affected. It includes yellow, stomach water, and liver growth.

The stage is divided into four phases:

  • The first step: When the cancer is limited to a large intestine.
  • The second step: when it comes out by attacking the massive intestine wall.
  • The third step: when lymph nodes are also affected.
  • Fourth Step: When Cancer spreads to the other parts end.


Cancer treatment depends on the stages of the disease. Surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy are usually cancer treatment. If cholesteric cancer is limited to small portions, it can be treated with colonoscopy or laparoscopy. In this method, the infection of the affected fibers or cells is separated by inserting the tubular device through small holes.

Surgery is the most commonly used method. Operation by some immune to reducing the volume of cancer. In spite of course, during the operational cycle, glands lung nodes are also removed with a cancerous chance to reduce the risk of cancer. Radiotherapy is also a method of treatment if cancer reaches the other end. The patient is then given immunity to prevent cancer.

There are two stages of surgery: An inner part of the intestine is removed while preserving an anal, but if the body has also been affected then the anal is also removed, and the use of pneumonia is recommended as well If the cancer is spreading.

  1. increase the use of food fiber, reducing the consumption of meat on high meat and high temperatures.
  1. Abuse smoking
  2. Low use of alcohol
  3. Weight loss
  4. Healthy Lifestyle
  5. Screenshots to test if needed
  6. Regular use of Psyllium,  it saves from Constipation and discharges waste from intestines.

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