What Should We Know About Silicone Sex Dolls?

Sex dolls first appeared in the 17th Century. When Dutch sailors decided they felt a little bit lonely out at sea. Initially used as a release out at sea. They began selling them to Japanese before technology got affected in the latter steps of the 20th Century. Silicone became a popular material used in the manufacturing of sex dolls in the 70s when people started looking for more realism in their so-called Dutch wives.

Silicone is a polymer consisting of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. It is a material that gained popularity with plastic surgeons in the 20th Century, with silicone breast implants being used widely since the 1960s. It continuing to refined in the sex doll industry we know and love today.

The high quality associated with silicone products comes from years spent refining production and manufacturing processes. Specifically, with sex dolls, the smooth non-porous surface means that it is straightforward to clean and sterilize and indeed requires little maintenance overall.

The products´ versatility provides resistance against heat, stains, and water – even able to retain its´ shape in a hot bath. The hypoallergenic qualities of the doll also drastically reduce the chances of anyone having a nasty reaction to their new friend.

It May Be Depend on Experience.

However, the main attraction is the realism that silicone sex dolls can bring to your experience. Users report that silicone dolls tend to have the most realistic faces, vaginas and rear ends. What´s more, the babies said to feel the most real – even able to retain warmth. However, this does not extend to the bottom wobble associated with a good seeing to. Indeed, the fragility of the doll is a severe downside, prone to tearing as a result of such a rigid structure. Moreover, the cost of a silicone sex doll is sky high. So you need to be sure that it is for you.

The choice is almost unimaginable and the modern day doll might come configured as a whole of the part doll (i.e., she might be ahead, a bum or a pelvis). Some parts might vibrate, and others might talk. With technological advances. These dolls feel more real than ever and can be well worth the investment for any man looking to experience something a bit different. Of course, everyone will be looking for something slightly different when they seek out a sex doll. But those who use silicone tend to focus on the impressive realism of the babies.

As with any sex toy, you must do some research before you go anywhere. You need to set realistic expectations and narrow it down from there. This isn´t a few $20 vibrators we are talking about here. It thousands of dollars being invested into one big sex toy. Depending on your desires. Pick a doll that can help you spice up your masturbation routine, help you experiment with different positions and styles, or even improve your stamina.

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