Islamic Republic of Turkey Adnan Akhtar: Personal Harmony of ‘Chocolate Girls’

Adnan Akhtar is a leader of an Islamic sectarian leader and a publicity propaganda on TV. Who has been arrested in various charges including 235 Chocolate Girls.

 Adnan Akhtar is a criminal gang accused of fraud, sexual abuse, and sexual exploitation and Chocolate Girls. According to the Turkish news agency, police have taken action in several different provinces in five different provinces so that evidence can be obtained regarding financial offenses. It believed that the arrests were carried out in the same place while Adnan Akhtar was arrested from his house in Istanbul

This is the second opportunity that Adnan Akhtar’s sect has been investigated and this time he has been arrested.

arrested by Turkish police

Earlier, in 1999, raids were killed on charges of setting up a criminal organization but the case was later deleted. Adnan Akhtar founded his Islamic organization in Istanbul in 1982. Since then, Adnan Akhtar collected a lot of wealth and increased his influence. Although experts know it’s difficult to know or find out what their income is.

The theory

There is a definitive role in ‘Turkey’s region of Turkey’ and ‘Barsuk Mubarak’, fairly dangerous. Adnan basically preached Yehud. They refuse the Holocaust and are opposed to the international Jewish organization Freemasonry. Apart from these ideas, they are also extremely opposed to the theory of evolution

Adnan Akhtar had said about Darwin that he is a principal, who is influenced by the present terrorist. He even said that Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and other famous terrorists had clearly stated. They are under Darwin, and Darwin’s terror is almost impossible.

Adnan Akhtar claimed that Hitler had brought Britain’s ‘Deep State’ power. ‘Deep State’ is a conspiracy theory in which a group of powerful people is related to the government and the army. This group has the ability to control and control the government policy. After the Nineveh invasion in the United States, Adnan Akhtar introduced himself as an actor of work, who could advocate talks between religions and establish a common front for the fight against international terrorism.

Recently Adnan has started a TV channel that he propagates his beliefs, especially for the use of Islam. During the transmission of TV, many books appear on which their pen name is Aaron Yahya. Some of them claim to have books hidden in the ‘British Dep State’ secretaries in Turkey and the region. Although Adnan refers to a presidential system in Turkey. He is a strong pro-President of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, and praises him and calls him a brave young warrior.

Colorful Lifestyle

Adnan Akhtar is popular in terms of his fascinating lifestyle, besides his world’s controversial views and is also promoted to social media. She lives in Istanbul on a fascinating palace, where pictures often appear among her half-female women.

romantic life

Their followers are directly visible to their apartments in the expensive areas of the city and it consists of groups of three to four people. According to Turkish journalists. Some followers of Adnan work in the day when they write books regarding their sects, advertise on the media or recruit workers for the organization. According to Aaron Yahya, the books have been told about the ‘evolution of theory evolution’ and these books are sent to government officials, foreign diplomats, and journalists.

In addition, he has a reputation for having a fascinating horror in the month of Ramadan. Which is believed to be in Dinner Istanbul’s expensive hotel, in which members of the international organizations and politicians are invited.

Personal Harmony of ‘Chocolate Girls’

The religious controversy, the most controversial aspect of Adnan Akhtar, is his “army of women followers” who sing a lot of necklaces. They are dressed in very few clothes, and these women are often referred to as the hormones of adorned girls. Members of Adnan’s organization claim that Adnan’s washing of bronze for his followers, is blackmailed and sexually enslaved, and most of them have women.

bachelor party

According to the information, Adnan can ask his followers to search for beautiful women and can find men with rich families and ask them to join the organization. Their patients are claimed that majority of them were recruited from private universities. Relatives of women joining the organization show that after recruitment, the contact with the family of the family gets discontinued and then does not talk to your family again.

During the investigation in 1999, during the investigation, women are allegedly convinced. They attend sex sessions and their pictures are made so that they can be used to blackmail them. If anyone wants to get out of the sector tries to talk about it. At present, Turkish model Abro Smokhsh accused of blackmailing the sect through the sex tape. According to former members of the sect, when the marriage of Adnan Akhtar is married. The woman in the caste is considered ‘sister’ for other male members and male members cannot establish sex.

Some sources say that if a woman does not become ‘sister’, it is considered as ‘motor’ and means that she interacts with many men and male members are permitted from ‘motor’. Can do sex. In the past, Adnan has rejected these allegations, and on his own. The attacks have been declared as an international conspiracy in oversight of British secret services.

Friends of Israel

Contrary to anti-Jewish opinion and criticism in the past. There have been close ties with Israel in recent years of medieval dictatorship.
Many members of Adnan and his organization have gone to Israel on various occasions for several occasions. They have met their religious and political figures. While some senior Israeli officials have come to Turkey to meet Adnan.
A delegation headed by Adnan a year ago visited the Israeli Parliament where there was an opportunity to meet high officials and was introduced specifically to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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