Iran rejects the Israeli occupation of the secret nuclear facility in Tehran

Speaking to the UN General Assembly on Thursday. Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Iran has planned to use the material stored in the secret store at the right time to prepare nuclear weapons.
Iranian Foreign Minister Jawad Zafar said that the only country in the region. Which is running a secret weapon of nuclear weapons, said the French news agency AFP.
He said that it is time for Israel to open its illegal nuclear installations for international inspectors.
Iranian Foreign Minister Jawad Zafar added in a tweet that how “the only country with nuclear weapons in the Middle East. Israel is indiscriminately accused of a country whose program is an international nuclear agency monitoring IAEA”. O ‘peaceful’.
According to Iran’s official news agency Arna. Foreign Minister Javad Zafar said that Israel and the United States stand alone globally due to the imposition of their policies on the Netanyahu’s nuclear program.
It is believed that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu in a UN General Assembly showed a picture in Tehran. They are saying it a secret nuclear material in House House and the IAEA inspected it.
He said, “For the first time I am revealing that another secret center in Iran is in Tehran, which a large amount of equipment and materials placed in Iran’s nuclear program.”
It is believed that Israel has expressed its concerns over Iran’s nuclear program before it. It had a serious concern over Iran’s nuclear deal with Iran, which has now left the United States.

Iran has always been stressed that its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes.

On Wednesday, US President Donald Trumpp urged members of the United Nations Security Council to work closely with the United States to stop Iran from pursuing nuclear weapons.
Presiding over the meeting of the Security Council’s withdrawal of nuclear weapons. US President defended the decision to ban sanctions on Iran, and called it Iran’s ‘destructive attitude’.
Earlier this year, in Saudi Arabia, Prince of Saudi Arabia. Mohammad bin Salman said that if Iran produced nuclear weapons. Saudi Arabia would also create nuclear weapons, while Iran described the statement of Saudi prince as “meaningless”. That they only lie falsely and bitterly.

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