Introduce a Powerful Flying Car

This flyer can set up to 25 miles up to 62 miles. New York: The first flying car in the US surprised everyone by successful experimental flights.

With the help of the Google Partner Founder Larry Page in the US, the technology company has developed a wind blowing car, called a Black flying car

. The shape of this car is also like a bee, it is an electric car that will be worth a sports car.

The Black Flys can fly up to 40 miles from the airport at a speed of 62 miles, which is just a seat, which is to drive the driverless commonly, and the most important thing is that the car Pilot will not have to take a license for the flight.

One seat and two-wheeler car can also fly and landing with the ‘grass fly’ grass surface, but it will initially not be used to fill the streets but it will be able to perform a human pilot drone strike.

Experts believe next year, ordinary users will enjoy this ‘air work’ and will be available in the market for sale.

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