International Media Predict to become the next prime minister of Imran Khan.

General media views on tomorrow’s election in Pakistan. And in this regard the British newspaper predicted Imran Khan to be the new Prime Minister of Pakistan.

The Pakistani people will choose their new rulers for the next five years, on the momentous occasion. Media views around the world are also on July 25 elections.

According to the American newspaper Washington Post, despite the corruption case against terrorism and Sharif family. Elections are being started in Pakistan, and Imran Khan is keen to make a new Pakistan.
Another American newspaper, Huffington Post, says Imran Khan can become the new Prime Minister of Pakistan due to the possession of Nawaz Sharif’s property.

Similarly, British newspaper vice-president also predicted Imran Khan to be the next prime minister of Pakistan.

According to the Indian news media, Imran Khan, Shahbaz Sharif and Bilawal Bhutto are ready to fight the political power in the election. According to Indian media, Imran Khan has left Nawaz Sharif behind public popularity in recent surveys.

On the other hand. The British newspaper Guardian published a special report for participating in the elections for the first time in the Pakistani elections. While Al Jazeera has made complete information about the general election. Including all the seats as a part of the news.

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