The use of Google maps in today’s era is becoming very popular and has become an essential part of a business on google maps marketing strategy. Google maps now are amazingly impressive and getting better day by day.

It provides directions reviews and business information on daily basis. Although I have strong natural sense and ability to remember directions, I use Google maps. Google maps are undoubtedly one of the most useful tools Google has given to the world. Its an incredibly powerful marketing tool as now we don’t have to use paper maps and asking people for direction which was the worst thing.

So if your business hasn’t set up a Google My business listings, you are losing your customers making them difficult to contact you.

What is Google My business?

Formerly known as Google places, enables today’s businessmen to claim the business listing that may appear in Google search results business2community. It’s providing great GSP data guide to us. By verifying and editing your business information, you can help customers find you and tell them the story of your business.

Any business listing can be put on Google map which can show to searchers about the :

  • Complete address
  • benefit statements
  • opening hours
  • Customer reviews

Benefits of using Google My business:

Manages information

Google my map leads the full knowledge that a Google map user can see when they have to run in short time. It tells the complete story, the products, and services new and old.

Interact with customers

What can be better than this; that you are also getting to know your customer’s feedback? Yes, Google My business also interact with customers. You can read and respond to reviews from customers. It can add photos too that shows off what you do; this can make your product attractive to customers. Businesses that add pictures to their listings tend to receive 43% more requests.

Makes easy for a businessperson:

It Understands and expands presence. A businessperson can see how the customer reached the destination, where they are coming from, how many people called the business.

How Google map shows the result:

Searching maps on mobile are increasing day by day as the use of mobile phone is increasing around the globe traffic web marketing.

When you search for a business, the result will appear to be like this.

Like in this I searched chocolate store in the search bar, and I got to know about all the chocolate stores nearby me in this picture as you can see the Haigh’s Chocolate has secured the first position among all the chocolate stores.

Google map prioritized my location and resulted in the closest chocolate stores (which is very convenient for the customers).

Consumers can also find alternatives to choose the best for themselves. The reviews and posts form the position of your business listing.

How to put your business on Google maps?

An established businessman always wants his business to grow more, and Google My company is a very bright chance to raise and enlarge the market. Now you can see how step by step you can put your business into Google My business.

Enter your business name address here:

Add your complete speech here. Make sure that all citations match across the web

Add the areas you service

There are types of business. In one of a kind, the company provides products and services to the broader region. For the convenience of customers, a businessperson can also add the number of areas where they can deliver their products and services quickly. For example “the cake business.” A particular bakery in one area provides their yummy cakes to many areas and even in different cities.

Add the business introduction and information

The more the Google knows about your business, the better it will be able to demonstrate your business listings appropriately. This section is the best option provided to you where you can share whole your business story in the introduction part. This section shouldn’t be left blank.  All the significant points should be high lighted in this area. Many businesspeople don’t pay heed to provide complete information regarding their products, services, and expertise. Due to which the competitor wins the race. Remember the information you provide to Google must be definite and accurate because the better it will be able to classify and display your business correctly.

Add categories

After providing all the necessary information, you have to choose a type to which your business nature falls. Selecting a group is a significant step in adding your business on Google map. It will determine how Google is ranking your business and where your business will appear in the search results. Google provides multiple preset categories. Start typing your keyword to see if Google creates a match, and then select the best one. Then you will also get the chance to add in more categories.

Verify your business

After providing all the details, verify your business. Google will play its role to authenticate that your business is at the place as you said. After a span of 1 or 2 weeks, you will be provided a postcard with a PIN code.

Add images

Attaching pictures of your business will add more eminence to your work. It will give consumers a visual identity of your work and the quality of the work. So make your business classic and worthy by sharing good quality photos.

Persuade customer feedback

Customer reviews and appraisal are an essential characteristic for a successful business if it’s a part of Google map because Google reviews provide credibility to their businessman. Google reviews will provide testimonials you can use in marketing your business. It helps to improve the visibility of your business on Google.  

Take away

Putting your business on Google map is very easy and straightforward. It is incredibly beneficial in the modern era. As it builds trust with your customers, it demonstrates quality, it’s the best platform for your target audience, and it’s a convenient and comfortable experience.

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