How To Increase Likes On Facebook

It is impossible to upload a photo on Facebook and then do not get it likes or comments. And in that era every user wants his post to be loved more. It is used for every harbour. It’s reasonable for tagging.


Today’s youth have done one day in their lifestyle. Sometimes are used to the software
But today we are going to introduce you a software. The more than your thinking, you will not give likes but also the comments. Which of your dreams will be fulfilled …

Yes, is the official liker. Through which you can copy your own links People are offered this website via Facebook. In this, you will have to apply for the token. Click here to get a symbol is available on the site. As soon as you click on the click hair, a new window will be open. Which will have two options to get tokens You have to click on the number 2 option.

As soon as you click, another new window will be open, which will be your token in the link bar, and you have to copy the link. When you have to copy this token, then you’re back on the main page again, And there will be a place for tokens to paste it. Then you have to click the submit op. After that, the new page will be open. It will be confirmed that you are not a robot.

So you confirm “I’m not a robot” To check out Then click on the container. After that, the next step will come. This will bring you all the options in front of you what you want Lakes, Comments, Page Likes or Followers.
We’ll select likes here. For this, we have to “use official liker.”

The page will be loaded once again In this we have to decide on which post we want to live like.
Video, Photos, Status, or a friend’s post. So we’ll give you the like to your friend’s photo here. So we’ll select “Customer ID.”

When we set customer ID down, then the new page will come. We have to give “security code.”
And below, we have to “customer post id.” I would like to tell you here what the Post ID is And from where. So my friends do whatever we upload on Facebook It gets a personal code. Which is in most digits. And it’s available in your link.

I give you an example:

So you have to place a postcode for the post ID in which you want the likes. Then you have to click on the submit And then your post will start getting lucky.

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