How To Get Rid Of A Headache

Instead of eating tablets, it is easy to take away from a headache and save from side effects.

A headache is a common disease, but sometimes the disease forms an intense migraine, which is very dangerous. So it is also necessary to treat minor problems as a headache. Instead of eating tablets, it is easy to take away those who can save a problem and save from side effects.

Do not buy expensive medicines :

Usually, people feel comfortable to use headache tablets, but it is incredibly harmful that habit should be left immediately. Headaches include caffeine and cocaine that can lead to side effects.

Straighten up :

When a person sits on a chair in shape, touches the neck muscles that cause a headache. So it is important to sit on the chair in the way that your foot is on the floor, The lower part of the waist and the knee, and straightforward, it will reduce a headache.

Avoid eating sandwiches :

Sandwiches contain tyramine and nutrients that increase the blood during brain and lead to a headache; triamine is also found in nutrients, which are detected, such as inflammation, Goods and yeast products, such as streaming in chocolate, pineapple and nail, are located.

Dry fruits and seeds :

According to experts, dry nuts and other grains contain magnesium, which gives relief to our muscles while reducing blood pressure levels towards brain and reductions. Those people who lack magnesium suffer severe headaches. Magnesium is also available in large vegetables, fresh vegetables, tomato pulses, peas and other seeds.

Reduce the use of air fabricators and other perfumes :

Many researchers say that protein, offspring, more sulfur soap, and air-feeders present a chemical which activates our cell that sends brain signals when some people. I have these signals very strong that a cause headache. So opens the window of your room and replace the room with fresh air in place of air fosterers.

Take 20 feet away every 20 minutes afterwards:

When you feel lazy by working on a computer screen and headache starts, focus 20 feet away in every place after 20 minutes, headaches will begin to decrease.

Use more water:

Have a glass of large water during a headache and wait for ten minutes and during this period, your neck and mud can fit for five minutes.

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