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Almost everyone has become a photographer Since the digital cameras has come to the mobile phone. Many people want to stay on camera every moment. Some make great images, and some have to just “hurt” the camera. Many people make photographs on random pictures instead of creating, artwork or something special in the picture. I think this is much better to say “picture on the picture” – It is better to say non-image photography than ‘painting’ without photographing. However becoming a good photographer, Moving in the photography world, Real coloring in pictures and especially this series has started a ‘portrayal’ of creative type rather than ‘portrait,’ so that something else We learn and see the world in a new way.

Although I am still a student of photography, many tips ask for guidance on buying cameras. Often my answer is that if a newbie is born to photograph with an excellent camera, then any budget of any company is “Entry-level” in respect of its budget (allocated for this job). Buy the DSLR camera. And if you are already photography from a good camera, then you’re not a beginner, and you will know what you want to do in photography and what’s better for that camera. It was the answer that I briefly gave. But now we do some necessary things about cameras instead of short. It will determine which camera should be bought.

Need and price

So the new man wants to buy a good camera, but the prices of good cameras are also “high.” That’s why it is better to see what type of photography you need to first and how much money you can spend on this work. Keeping the both of things in mind, choose the camera type and model. Well, sometimes a person gets in a fix.

For example, assume that a camera is getting Rs. 50,000, then it’s a little better than 55,000 rupees. Now man thinks where I am spending fifty thousand There’s five thousand more added in Rs. 50,000, So you’ll get a nice camera. As soon as he grows his budget, he sees that there’s another excellent camera that is getting 60,000.

Now he thinks to raise more budget.

I do not think so, because the models of cameras are so high that each has a little bit of price and thus doing five thousand ten things reaches up to the top. Therefore, my advice is to buy a suitable camera according to your needs and budget instead of hit high jumps. Anyway, buy the camera, what you want to do in the photography, it should take care of it. What is it that a tank is not purchased for the bird Hunting, but Air Gun is sufficient for this task.

Some people think that things have to be bought once, then buy well. I do not believe this is also true, because the first one should start the student from the first class, and second when things are purchased, many extended functions have been stunned for a long time, while their value It has already been paid.

Apart from this, a few new models come after some time; then the man looks at these new things. It is better to buy proper stuff according to the needs of the day, and if needed, if needed, new items will be purchased as needed.

Pixels and Sensor

The most important thing about the camera is the size and size of the Megapixels and the Image Sensor. Mainly any image is made of a mixture of small dots of different colors. These tips are called pixels. While purchasing a camera, where pixels are seen, it is also to see what the image maker sensor is and what size it is. In simple words, we can say that the two same cameras which of its sensor megapixel is better are good camera consider. It also has to be seen that the sensor sensitivity of the sensor, which is the minimum and maximum of ISO. The size of the ISO is as broad as possible; It’s so good.

Lens Aperture and Zoom

The camera’s loud and zoom camera plays an important role. Various types of photos and zooms are required to make different kinds of pictures. Buy at least the optimum and zoom while purchasing the camera or lens. Be sure to have two types of zoom. An optical and second digital. The actual zoom is optical, while the digital zoom is cut by cutting the image, which reduces the quality of the image. Today there are many types of lens on the market. Only books can be written on lenses. Since this writing is for essential guidance, it is as much as possible. Any more about this will talk to you.

Shutter Speed

Buying a camera is also important to see where the shutter speed is from and how much the photographers are being given to it. The shatter speed circle is as broad as possible It will be better.

Because there is a need for some shutter-slides to create a picture of some productive things, and sometimes less shuttered is needed to make a right image in low light.


Buying the camera, especially take care of which way is available to create a photo. Usually, the cameras have the Auto Mode, but it is to see how much the photographers are being given for Exposure Settings. Photographers are given a full manual option in good cameras. Which can make changes to the Shutter speed, Aperture, and ISO, etc. to create a custom image.

Weight and Volume

Low weight and volume camera is easy to handle. But it is also believed that in the current situation the weight and volume of more functioning cameras are higher. So, look at your requirement in the first photography, and then prefer lower amount and volume cameras.

Model, Spare Parts, Re-Sales and Repair, etc. (Model, Spare part, Sale, and Service)

Buying the camera must see that the model is new or old. Do not buy more old models of cameras because it can be a problem after repair, resale or exchange later. Also, whatever camera you want to buy, you can know what it’s spare parts or lenses are. Is it expensive than its lens and other exchanges remaining? Also remember the re-sale, that if the first camera is sold, can it be sold good or bad? Can be repaired quickly or not in case of any problem? Is the company giving a warranty or not? How extended and what is the guarantee of giving? Get answers to all these questions while purchasing the camera and then decide on it.

Other Functions and Features

While purchasing the camera, the functions and features above are such that are necessary for everyone. Apart from this, various types of services and features are preferred for different types of photography. For example, outdoor changes to outdoor photographs like endurance cameras. Buying a camera should also be seen in a few more functions. Such as flashlight, hot show for flash separation, WiFi, GPS, touch screen, image stabilization, raw file support, how many frames make a video while making a video, separate microphone facility, seasonal changes How many pictures make up the battery charge or once the battery charge, etc …

People’s ideas

There are views of different people on the internet on the cam. The kind of model or model you want to buy, first know people’s opinions. It gives an idea of how well the camera is so good and durable.

A camera purchase

Buying a camera or anything, often people get enough to fix. What is that someone has a function, not in the other, while others have a service that is not in the first. In such a situation the man does not understand what to buy. The better way for this is to calculate the function that is important to you, and then compare it with a viewpoint.

For example, I will allocate megapixels, sensors, upsets, and shutters to ten times. After this, most of the favors have two or three while during the tourism will give five numbers to bear battery, GPS, and seasonal change, because of travel while extended battery and location with each image ( Targeting) Safe enough for me is a great fit. Similarly, tolerance of climate change is also excellent. However, by giving the total number to each function, I’ll compare the different cameras to see which service is more and how much it gets from the overall numbers. Then, I will collect all the function numbers, and I’ll buy the same amount of cameras.

It is essential to know about the types of digital cameras before purchasing the camera. After that, a man can make a better decision to buy a good camera.

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