The government’s Airstrike in Syria

Damascus: 26 people including 11 children died in a Syrian Airstrike in Syria area of Doha, southwest of Syria.

According to the International News Agency. Russia and Syria allied military fighter aircraft bombed airstrike in specific areas of the south-western province of Dwaras. As a result, 26 people have died Including 11 innocent children. The Syrian government said that the area was under control of the parties.

According to rescue organizations working in Syria, Infrastructure Structures of various areas of Dwaras have destroyed. Hundreds of houses have demolished, and there has been fear in the area. The injured are being provided medical assistance. The wounded are being shown to increase the casualties due to severe injuries due to lack of medical facilities.

Airstrike in Syria done when a UN High Commissioner appealed to provide safe passage and a suitable opportunity for transferring one lakh 40 thousand citizens in Darwin. However, the Syrian government claims that the Islamic extremist group of Khalid Bin Walid in this area has made a human shield of 30,000 people.

It is clear that in the civil war started in 2011, 3 million people have died in the civil war since millions of families have deported.

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