Generate magnetic wire to identify cancerous particles in a blood.

Stanford: US scientists have made a Generate magnetic wire. That will attract you to the blood cells and particles in the blood by first dinosaurs.

This incredible technique has been set by Stanford University specialists, in which a small wire will be inserted like the geography inside the vein, which will catch the intensity of the patient by holding the swimming bacterial cells in the blood. In this way, through the blood, cancer can be identified at the earliest time.

In the modern world, both ways of diagnosis and treatment are continued on day and night. In this case, many blood tests have been made by observing blood biomarkers. While a blood test has been developed recently for early identification of cancer.

We know that cancer particles and cells spread rapidly by traveling through blood to other parts of the body. As well as the way to identify the blood cancer is very useful, which leads to both the quality and severity of the disease. But the numbers of blood swimming cells are so low that they are not possible to be viewed in conventional ways. And therefore the new method of magnetic wire is presented.

Head of this study and author Sam Gambhir says that many patients are diagnosed with cancer patients, and they do not get any stem cells.

This work is similar to the same as finding a particle of sand in the drainage tube.

For this, many small magnet nano-enzymes are added to the first body that sticks to the stem cells falling into the blood. After that magnetic wire is placed in the vein, the cancerous cells attach to this wire. And thus the patient’s intensity and condition of cancer are confirmed.

When it was tested on pigs, excellent results were recovered. And they captured 10 to 80 times of infantry cells than conventional tests. According to the vowel, ‘blood pressure from 80 test tubes of blood takes just 20 minutes to find cells.’

Experiments on mice have proven that if the metrics inserted into blood, it does not have any harmful effects. Stanford’s specialists are preparing to test humans on the next stage. If it allowed, keeping a few minutes of magnetic wire within the human arm can cause cancer identification.

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