What Is The Female Condom And How To Use It?

A female condom is the latest casting. However, it is not a very cheap option. It is called femidom or condom. If a person does not want to talk about protection, and a lot of male condom causes it, you can see yourself and buy a woman condom.

When and what condom invented?

Where a female condom was targeted, this is something unknown. It is only known that this simple but effective treatment was invented in 1990, and was published on the global market just three years later. The United States became the first to use it. Condoms for women were poorly sold, due to violence due to violence. A position was obtained as a proper treatment for unwanted pregnancy. Here, women started buying it, mainly when information about AIDS spread throughout the world.

Women’s condom also differs: For protecting against African women’s violence, the inventor, Sonan Eberz came with a model with teeth. It was called RAPEX. As long as the rapist first rubbed, their penis was thrown into the vineyard and injured. As Christianity was angry with pain, Hunting immediately called police and ambulance.

The minor female condom is a perfect remedy that protects viruses. AIDS and unwanted pregnancy. Its reliability does not reduce the condition of male condoms and is 99.2% guarantee – the highest percentage of all current diseases. First of all, female condoms were made of polyurethane, and then they started to produce slim and healthy. They do not go as unhealthy as pyrolytic, also, they are slightly narrow than men, which allow women and humans to improve each other’s genitals.

How to use a female condom?

The theme, or female condom, is easy to use, but you need to practice first. It is a transparent tube of latex or prolactin, which is about 8 cm, and 18 cm in length. Fixed it at the end. One of these legs, such as a tip, enters the vagina gradually, and the second ring of the form remains in the dark gates. For the effect of protecting against unwanted pregnancy, it is essential that the fertilizer vagina is injected correctly. Her first ring must be behind the cord bone, mostly behind a panic neck. When a girl extracts condoms from the vagina, you have to change her outer ring several times. The sperm will remain inside, and there is no risk of unwanted pregnancy and infection.

The vomiting cannot stop condom immediately – and this is its focus. If you can lie, relax and do not plan sexual activity, the feed room can be removed after 10 hours. This is different from the condom of the male, which is removed immediately. You can not maximize the stick: Use both the woman and the male condom, because they can mutually harm you. And are not sensitive.

The benefits of female condoms

Their mass. That is why the United Nations Commission has effectively promoted this theme of protecting women against the end of this disease and unwanted attacks. The female condom is good because instead of keeping the relationship romantic, a few hours before sexual intercourse can be installed in advance vagina. Men condoms have to be printed and have to continue during the game of love, and it also reduces some of the fuses. Probably. Therefore, many men and women are not happy with the use of men condoms.

The lady condom is thinking that it promotes a better stimulation of clutter, which enhances the woman’s encouragement. It is especially useful for women with a weakened and average sexual mood, which is not easy to get “get.”

The female condom is perfect because it can be used for any condition of a human penis – even if not standing. Condoms have been designed for women so that they can find more women’s outdoor genes, which protect it.

Due to the environmentally friendly material, of which condom condoms are made, all of them can be used by women, even allergic hunting. There is no contradiction. Only modifications: That latex should buy condoms made of polyurethane, and those who are allergic to the opposite: polyurethane, which does not accept one choose their latex products.

Is there any reduction in the female condom?

Of course, like any product. In comparison to the male condom, the woman is more expensive. This is the cost of 2 to 6 euros for the product. The condoms made of polyurethane are not very soft boobs, especially when removed. But it has spread rapidly. Women’s condoms are not very suitable with strong muscles. Under this condition, it can fall out.

You can not use greasy condoms as well as it is especially dangerous to use petroleum jelly. Connecting with petroleum jelly, the condoms will open and soften the condoms. And then the most unexpected and non-organized moment condom tears can come.

If Sri Lanka is necessary, you can buy a condom with a hole.

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