How to Earn Money from youtube?


YouTube is the world’s most significant learning and earning video sharing website. Former three employees of the PayPal company. Hoodley, Steve Chen and Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim, launched it on 9th February, 15 pm at 15 minutes. while on April 23, 2005, for the worldwide Opened so that everyone can not only see their computer but also videos are being uploaded. This site was just about two and a half years that Google realized its success and bought it in about 165 billion according to the Pakistani rupees.

The website is so extensive that it can be estimated that over 60 minutes of the uploads are uploaded to this website every minute. The number of YouTube users worldwide has increased by more than one billion. Today, this website earns billions of dollars. But it was also the time that those who created this website have limited resources due to the US state. One of the pizza restaurants in California had to start in California. But today, YouTube has made its studios in the world’s largest cities, including Los Angeles, London, Tokyo, New York, Berlin, Paris, Toronto, Mumbai. Whereas there are sub-offices in the 89 small and small cities of the world.

Method of Channel:

First, you create one of your Gmail accounts then you can first open and sign in with your email. Once signed in, click on the gear button at the top and click on the bottom of the Create a new channel. If a long Brand Account Name box is open, you will have to write your channel name. Choose that unique and easy to remember. The channel’s name will be created as well as clicking on the Create button below the blue button below.

Now to set it for the first time, first set up your channel’s name at the bottom right of the banner. And in the front of the flag. Right down the flag is a star-like button that has a set button or Gear buttons also say that click on a channel setting box will open. The fourth-digit button with which the customize the layout of your channel is written to the right, as the top three buttons are visible.
Will and then save. This will increase the beauty of your channel and your default homepage, playlists, channels, and options, which are default buttons, will be significantly important, which is often the most critical feature of YouTube channels. I do not see.

Channel Art:

After that designing your banner, namely, add a photo to Add Channel Art, which is also available in the Channel Art gallery. But the more beautiful thing is that you design your Adobe Photoshop theme. Apply and put your logo on the profile picture. This was the most critical setting that your channel would look beautiful.

How to Make Money From Google:

You go to Settings and go to Advanced Setting and go to Channel Setting and click Enable Monetization. Look screen you will see a page open in front of you where you will see a few of the lines written in the Enable Monetization blue screen. You will see a few lines in the window, After checking all of these Boxes, click on it below.

Now you go back to YouTube settings and click Monetize Setting. Then a new page will open, out of which you click How I will pay. Then click on Associate with Adsense Account so that if a new window opens in front of you. Then you will be ready to sign in with the Google Account if the Google Adsense form will appear in front of you. Send this form carefully and with the correct information after fill.

From Gmail to one day to three days you will receive an email from Google in Gmail. Which will be notified that your Google Adsense account has been approved. Even your YouTube channel is complete so that you will now upload videos to YouTube. And for the first time, one or more videos of one or more of your videos will take Google’s ads after it has a thousand toll visits.

And the more you visit the video you upload. You will get the money that is at least one dollar on one thousand waves, and more than that. (If you create your videos, copy copyright issues will be saved). To reach your maximum number of people through Facebook page, Twitter, Google Plus and other social media websites and earn money sitting at home.

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