China claims to be allegedly laser Kalashnikov

Beijing: China claims to make a laser gun like Kalashnikov, which can burn a human body and clothing by a distance of 800 meters.

According to the South China Morning Post, a company named ZKZM has made this horrible weapon. The newspaper has claimed that the laser rays of this rifle do not appear with the general eye, but the human skin quickly burns deeply.

The laser rifle weight is only 3 kg, which has a charged lithium-ion battery and can fire 1000 laser lamps for two seconds.
A scientist working on a laser gun told the condition of not to be named, that laser disorder is uncomfortable, but other details of this weapon were not reported.

American analysts have called this claim just as a claim because it is not possible to install a powerful laser system in such a small gun as a laser system is needed for this type of laser. Even scientific laws do not allow it because a small battery cannot be such a powerful laser.

China’s goal

A Chinese specialist working on it, releasing a video, has tried to answer all the questions about laser guns. According to them, instead of killing the criminals and the enemies, they will be used temporarily and indefinitely. The laser can be easily targeted by the abductors and the hidden terrorists.

The ZK ZM company is owned by a scientific organization and the company has said that it is working on its commercial model and the price of one gun will be Rs 16 lakh. However, it will be used first for Chinese police and forces.

This rifle technical document has been issued in China’s Citizen and Military Relations Agency last month. Earlier Chinese military experts also announced laser machine guns.

However, this gun is not known and burns a part of the body causing a sense of shock.

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