Boxer Amir Khan’s To build dams Announcement of Rs 10 lakhs

Pakistani-born British boxer Amir Khan announces Rs 10 lakhs for construction of dams.

In his video message from the US, a Pakistani-based British boxer Amir Khan, said. I am seeing in various reports that people are living in Pakistan. Because of water scarcity and all people are helping to overcome it. So I too I am donating Rs 10 lakhs for construction of dams.

Pakistani-based boxer said that after winning his next boxing fit. He would go to Pakistan to donate more money to build the dams because it is a crisis facing all the Pakistanis. So we are united. It is necessary that the Pak Army and the government are doing the best measures for this purpose.

Amir Khan appealed to the Pakistanis living around the world to support their country for this important purpose and this support could be in the form of funds only. So especially Pakistan’s important personalities should take part in this matter. Can be retrieved.

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