Bollywood: Why Sunny Leone Needs to Tell Her Story?

Bollywood actor Sunny Leone is going to tell her story through a web series. That how can a Kenny cover in a middle family living in Canada become Sunny Leone. On the occasion of series trailer releases. Sunny Leone once again answered the media questions in a decidedly more uncomplicated and versatile manner.

The actor said that she is quite nervous about the series that how the reaction of the people will be. When asked why she needed to explain her story, Sunny said that not only him but Film wanted to tell his story. Sunny Leone, 37, said she has tried to describe her story with great respect. In this series, their lives will be good, bad and evil.

She said she Kiran jeet. Sunny is just a brand. In this series, a comedy girl will be shown a story of Karan Jeet, who becomes a part of the porn industry surrounded by the narrow economic conditions of the house.

In response to the question about going to Sunny’s porn Industry, she said what was wrong for someone and what good is this a personal matter. The porn industry is terrible if this opinion was of the majority, perhaps this industry would never flourish so much.

Sunni says that she may be a software target for most people. But in his opinion, everyone has the right to give their advice. But it is also necessary to keep in mind that what is wrong for you can be true for others because all values, ideas, and ideology are different.

Sanjay Dutt’s daughter, Tashshah Dutt, is not a part of the industry itself. But she is a great personality on the, And there are millions of their followers.

Trishala often publishes their photos and actions on social media. Recently, she has started a game called ‘Ask Me.’ Now people are asking them similar questions about their lives. And the trash answers with very simplicity and understanding.

But when asked about Trishala about his father. She can only say that he is a right Papa. Trishala mother has died long before. Trishala wants to work in movies while Sanjeet Dutt is against her.

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