Where does the balmy fragrant come after rain?

You have noticed that when there is a shower of rain after a long time, the balmy fragrant comes from the aroma. But what is the source of this perfume?

There is also a science behind balmy fragrant.

It is also a unique name for perfume, petrichor and it is so pleasant that some companies have tried to make similar fragrances.

Rough soil

Professor Mark Butter, head of the UK’s John Innz Center for Microbiology. ‘The soil causes germination so that when you say that you smell the wet soil, you actually smell this mechanic. Which produces a special kind of germ. ‘

The name of this mechanic is biomass, and the germs that make it are called striations. It is the same germs that also produce antibiotics.¬†When the drops of rain collapse from the soil, this mechanic dissolves in the air and reaches the nose of people and makes them feel fragrant.¬†Impressed by this perfume, an Indian company developed the fragrance called ‘Astral of Olive’ the 1960s. Today, the biosphere is used in many perfumes.

Expert treatments Marina Bartonella says: ‘There is an ancient feature in this perfume. You can even smell it when you light it billions of times.


Not only dust but also the rain on long drought starts flowing from the plants. The reason for this is that there is also a substance similar to biochemistry, which is called the terminus. This substance excludes rain from the rain.


Electricity is also a part of falling in the rainbow’s unique fragrance. Professor Marybeth Swartberg, a professor at the University of the Mississippi of America, explains: ‘The grid of the light becomes clear from the brightness. It cleanses dust particles, washers and other pollution in the air. ‘ It spreads to the perfume.

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