Arshad Khan Chaye Wala, sorry for not educated due to poverty.

KARACHI: A model named “Chaye Wala” Arshad Khan expressed anger over not being completed.

Last year, due to its blue eyes, a video of Arshad Khan alias “Chaye Wala” who has stormed social media has appeared in which he has expressed anger over not getting an education and has requested all the people to study Get it.

Arshad said in a video message that you should go to the area where you want to go. But complete your studies first. Arshad Khan expressed regret that today. I am very sorry today that I did not finish my studies due to poverty and deviation because of education. It is essential that every sector is vital, so you all Get an education.

It is clear that Arshad Khan with blue eyes long been away from social media, but in the modeling sector, there is a lot of names.

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