All Children and Coach brought out from Thailand cave.

All Coach And Children Save

Bangkok: 12 footballers and coaches of the school football team trapped in Thailand’s underwater cave have to remove safely. According to the International News Agency, relief work started to take out four children and a coach in the underwater cave this morning. During which four remaining children in two stages And the coach removed safely. After this three-day successful operation, 12 children and coaches of the school football team were fired from the cave. The condition of all children out of the cave is out of danger. However, they will keepĀ in the hospital for some days.

The charge of the operation said that the last phase of the rescue operation was difficult And was full of barriers. However, an official of the rescue team determined for successful operation
And was excited And the purpose of all was to save the lives of children without any help in the cave in any way. The first day of rescue operations was the toughest. However, we learned a lot that proved helpful in the final action today.

The charge operation said that a three-day rescue operation launched on July 8 And by the default plan, to save four children each day For which Thai Navy And the support of US personnel. All of the joint efforts have taken place. The whole team is fantastic. It’s a historic moment And glad that the winner of this moment is the player we are.

It is clear that the 12-year-old Thai Football Club’s 12-year-old player, along with his coach, went to Picnic in the famous Cave Theme Lung, northern province of Yang Rai. Due to the rain in the cave, the flood water started filling in the cave. Because of which they trapped at the end of the cave And for the first time on July 2; rescue team got caught of trapped children.

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