7 Main Issues That the Couple Are in the First Year of Marriage

The problem related to marriage closure is a matter of discussion among humans. The famous English novelist Oscar Wilde said about a character of his novel The Picture of Dorian Gray. “Never get married, men marry, because they are tired and women are due to their curiosity. Marriage, but finally both of them are frustrated. “It is a fact that both men and women marry to think of reducing the difficulties of their lives. But often their desire remains in vain.

Needs a lot of hard work to put the wedding on the right path according to your will. I West once commented very interestingly.

“Marriage is a great closure, but I’m not willing to stop in this closure.” But the fact is that marriage is not such a bad thing, and some common problems related to marriage are taking care of jumpers and issues. A healthy marriage base can be laid for years and decades.

Let’s mention the seven common issues that a new married couple usually appear in the first year of marriage.


After marriage, use of money is entirely different. Better you try to use each other’s wealth. This means that you decide exactly where your wealth should be used. Naturally, it is possible that you have different preferences, but it is essential that you agree very quickly. After marriage, you will stop paying money, and you will also refuse the habits of purchasing different things. This is the time in life when you start thinking about saving for the future, which prevents the attention of children and new homes.

According to a research, 35 percent of the joint joints believe that due to a shortage of wealth comes tremendous in life. According to another study, one of the five divorces is due to health-related problems. So the right thing is to solve any problem before it is born and you can learn to spread the feet with a smile smiling face and spread your feet according to your sheets.

Parents in law

Some married couples seem to be under pressure on their parent’s parents’ behavior.

It can be a steep turn in the relationship. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare for this difficult to get rid of. The better is that you win their trust and love before the wedding. Showing enthusiasm and sincerity in improving relations with them will prove to be better and useful for your marriage. The cervical mothers are not like the way the pop culture spreads the concepts in their times, so be unhappy and make it healthy for you to meet the mother-in-law.

Time planning

Being married does not mean that husbands live together all the time. There is more relationship between a person or husband in the life of a man, which is very important to teach.

It means that it is not a proper attitude that after marriage, the wife should live together and close the eyes with the rest of the world. The wisdom of wisdom and wisdom is that every person should be identified after marriage and should be given importance according to his position.

New Troubles

After the wedding which passes, you feel like a burden that you have set up a relationship with love before marriage. Therefore it is necessary to talk to your partner with the respect and love attitude to find a universal solution to these problems. It is not possible that you should gather every small issue and get married to a big accident. Remember, a little problem like a person can also preserve a mixture in minutes. As the importance and utility of the most critical issue such as marriage.


When the household works are distributed, the tasks of the wife of the wife should be done on a fair basis. To avoid any unpleasant situation, you should be fair in this matter. The better thing in this regard is to prepare a list of tasks and distribute tasks according to your choice, custom, and ability. To do this, make it your home and your wedding beautiful and enchanting.

Unreasonable attitude

It is a common thing to understand that there is no need to understand the fact that after marriage, the person does not have a commonly connected relationship. Because now he does not need to affect his companion. This behavior of behavior after marriage in life is understandable. Therefore there is no need to explain it. Just look at your consciousness adds to not only your exclamation but also your partner But it also clarifies that the goal of your efforts is to achieve its happiness and improvement. Cleanliness, good health, and food in the diet are necessary and essential elements of good health.

Lack of uncertainty

A prevailing thought of people in marriage is that it is the responsibility only. It does not have a moment of self-determination based on the expression of love and affection. As soon as you turn on your mobile phone, no love is a mask. There is no pile for your bed on your bed, and you are not going to go out outside candlelight. But the question is, why do you face such a situation after marriage?

You must take the time to express love and feelings after marriage. Your meeting should be a continuation. To strengthen the relationship between the community, mutual respect and love should be persecuted. It is a fact that there is no lack of unwanted and dangerous things in any marriage. Marriage is not just the name of a human being The colors in which your custom galaxy is scattered and run horses of your wishes on every side. Remember, there is no marriage in which the problems that are presented may be solved automatically. Marriage needs a lot of hard work to achieve, and if you are happy and prosperous for some years of your life. You can expect your marriage to you and your partner. Will be successful until it’s old.

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