5 signs in your mother-in-law behavior so that she hates you

Marriage is an opportunity in man’s life that changes the decisions of her life most often, not only her husband, but her only one-time name of mother in law, and her own country like Pakistan. Where I marry the family’s wishes, you have to share the entire family with the husband. There is a mother in the marriage done by a family, and then a mother-in-law also comes in the same way. Between a hate problem and a solving problem arises. If you do not know the thoughts and feelings of your mother-in-law about you, then we tell you five symptoms that you can find out that your mother-in-law loves you or you hate her. Are on target.

She does not like your dress

Your mother-in-law has a problem with your clothes since the beginning. From the edges of your neck to the length of other parts of your wear, whatever you wear everything is inappropriate for your mother-in-law. Instead of liking your makeup and hairstyle, she will tell you the alternate way that you will begin to think of the theory of evolution, but also by the way it is. The problem about you will also be that all this will be due to a generation passing between you and your mother-in-law.

Your consistent comparison with other women

Every woman who joins your mother-in-law, including the neighbor’s daughter, her brother or sister’s daughter or her elder son’s wife, is capable of comparing your mother-in-law to her mother-in-law. From the gifts given by your family to your family, from the cooked cookie on your wedding, your mother-in-law will not have any chance to tell you the story of sacrifices before the size of the engagement ring. You are given to make your daughters-in-law. In words, she will listen to you about her marriage story; she will go to the extent that she is presenting herself as an ideal daughter-in-law.

The ultimate skill of cooking

You are feeling proud of self-acquisition skills in cooking and cooking tasks, whether your power is considered as a specialist like Bourgeoisie because Holian is deemed to be a daughter-in-law near her mother-in-law. Will not do anything without its advice. When you cook at home, your mother-in-law finds out of your diet, even if it is not so unfortunate and if you try to prepare your husband’s favorite food, it will be like this. That you are creating a storm for yourself because it will be a prescription that will bring you problems.

Battle of Barber

There is no need for a great effort. Have you ever considered why your breathing breaks at the same time when you plan to go out with your husband on a weekly holiday or why guests come when Both of you are alone at home, and both of you are having a cup of coffee? Whenever your husband exceeds the particular time, at the same time your mother-in-law needs it. The idea of ​​getting together for both of you makes your mother in law feel embarrassed. So now whenever your mother-in-law is suspecting her son that she does not give her enough time, you should know what her intentions are behind her.

Take some time for your parents’ home

After enduring the patience of your mother-in-law, whenever you go to your parents’ house, you are getting a feeling of relaxation and feeling of comfort, but practically queen on your moments of joy. For your mother-in-law also presents the appointment of your parents’ home to you. You can often go to your parents’ house, but you have to go for one or two days, more than that you do not get permission from the mother-in-law. Your mother-in-law does this because she assumes that you will complain about your behavior with her parents as she complains because she had heard about her experiences like this. Is it

If any of these clues tell you of your mother-in-law behavior, then these same moments are the only time for you to work hard to improve relations with your mother-in-law. All such hate hatred between him and you arise from the fact that he feels a lot of reservations about the feeling of losing his beloved son, who has come to your marriage now. It is essential for you to do not hesitate to express your hesitation to enhance peace. After all, he is your mother-in-law, there is a ghost.

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